Our Team

Acaena Amoros

Director and Co-Founder

The past nine years she has studied and worked at the highest professional level in nursing, specializing in cosmetic treatments and post-operative care in world renowned Harley Street clinics. She is a well known RGN and member of the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) and the RCN (Royal Collage of Nurses). As her biggest passion she works with an amazing team in the heart of the medical district of London, delivering the most advanced luxury cosmetic treatments in the world. She provides luxurious beauty and anti-ageing treatments using the latest detox methods, delivering vitamins, minerals and collagen for immune boosting, weight loss, energy, vitality and glowing skin.

Mahi Aramideh

Director and Co-Founder

An active member of the RCN (Royal College of Nursing) and the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) with an extensive background in the field of clinical research and management. Passion is a driving force on dealing with cancer treatment, and has led Mahi to spending the last four years on advancing research on ‘’Cell penetrating peptides as drugs developed to compact cancer’’ and the HIV program “Second Generation of HIV/AIDS in Intravenous Drug Users”. Having worked at NHS Trust and world renowned Harley Street clinics, she now works with Acaena Amoros and an amazing team in the heart of Medical District of London. The main aim is to provide luxurious beauty and anti ageing treatments using the latest detox methods for holis!c health and wellbeing through The Elixir Clinic®..

May Qasem

Chief of Operations (COO)

California Licensed Esthetician who is extremely passionate about beauty and enhancing individuals’ appearances from within using the latest technologies. Graduated double major in Liberal arts and medical Esthetician in Orange county-California. Practiced esthetics with Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons, Perpetually updates her training in new products & techniques including intensive medical esthetics and anti aging most current findings. Recently moved to Dubai creating a fine clientele porfolio that includes Royals, Celebrities and top influencers. Consistently taking every opportunity to implement and further her knowledge in the world of beauty.

Jacqueline Raid Younis

Branch Manager, Dubai

Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Jaqueline is of Palestinian descent. Jacqueline has broken through the LA bubble barrier and left the U.S. to discover the opportunities Dubai has to offer. She has received a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Business Management. Further-more, Jacqueline has accomplished three internships in her time during her university with a certification in Nuclear Medicine as a nurse aide from Little Company of Mary Hospital, Medical Assistant certification for MilifchikRand Medical Group for Infectious Disease in Torrance Memorial Hospital and last but not least she contributed seven-months of case management for non-profit organization AIDs Project Los Angeles APLA, where she worked with the most in need group of AID’s/HIV patients.