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The Elixir Clinic is a bespoke wellness medical clinic enhancing clients’ wellbeing through natural and effective wellness solutions such as intravenous (IV) therapy. We offer IV Vitamin Therapy, IV Laser Therapy, and IV Ozone Therapy to help our clients achieve their wellness goals.

Our renowned IV vitamin infusions, also known as a VitaDrip®, are tailored to the needs of our clients to provide rejuvenation while sustaining long-term wellbeing.

Discover more about The Elixir Clinic and our extensive selection of services ranging from wellness treatments to anti-aging therapies available in London, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.


Better than Oral Vitamins


100% Absorption
The human body absorbs less than 10% of nutrients contained in supplements. With IV therapy, absorption is 100%
Scientifically Proven
VitaDrip® infusions contain vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all classified as ‘essential nutrients’ that are vital for the human body as our bodies cannot synthesize all on its own.
Fast & Effective
Intramuscular vitamin injections take few minutes while a VitaDrip® can take an average of 45minutes. Clients may begin to feel effects immediately.
Natural & Safe
Administered under authorisation of a prescribing physician after a full health assessment. All protocols have been thoroughly researched and developed by leading medical specialists.

Elixir Treatments

nurse giving woman a vitadrip
Our VitaDrip® infusions are unique formulas developed to help clients enhance energy, immunity, mood, and overall wellbeing.
Our vitamin booster shots provide your body with 100% absorption of nutrients to assist with common concerns such as energy, hair quality, detox, and more.
Infrared laser light applied directly into the bloodstream for deep tissue penetration that stimulates circulating blood and stem cells resulting in positive wellness benefits.
A natural & effective treatment to oxygenate cells and detoxify the body in a safe manner without human interaction.
Comprehensive blood testings and heavy metal tissue analysis to help identify the root of your health concerns.
Breathing higher concentrations of oxygen has several benefits: increased energy, an uplifted refreshed feeling, clarity of the mind and relief from migraines.
Skin rejuvenation helps with anti-aging while improving your skin health. Maintain a regular deep-cleansing regimen to hydrate, regenerate, and provide your skin with radiance.
Discover our range of our non-surgical anti-aging therapy treatments to rejuvenate your skin, combats signs of aging, and enhance your beauty.

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VitaDrip® at Harrods
Elixir VitaDrip® at The Ned
Elixir VitaDrip® at The Ned
The Elixir Clinic - London
Rejuvenation Therapy
The Elixir Clinic - Abu Dhabi


Happy Clients, Happy Us
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
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Lojain Omran
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Immunity VitaDrip®
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IV Laser Therapy
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Elixir Rejuvenation


I suffer from low blood pressure so during my first visit my blood pressure dropped very low and I momentarily blacked out. The team was extremely quick to respond to the minor emergency and took exceptional care of me. I especially appreciated the post visit phone call ensuring I had reached home safe and my overall well-being.
Bahareh Salmani
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
I have just had a COMCIT facial, my first ever at The Elixir Clinic and I loved it. Strangely relaxing as well and afterwards my skin felt really soft and tingly and rejuvenated. I fear they might be addictive!
Belinda Darwall Smith
The Elixir Clinic - London
I see a lot of results in my program. Everything is excellent
Said sultan Salem al falahy
The Elixir Clinic - Abu Dhabi
I have been a client of Elixir in Dubai for couple of years now and have been visiting the clinic for treatments more regularly since they opened their branch in Jumeirah since close to my home. I like their nurses because I feel comfortable. The customer service in this clinic is different than any other clinic I go to.
Tahereh Djeddy
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
I loved The Elixir Clinic, the staff are very helpful and friendly, the clinic is very clean, and my treatment plan went very smooth. I started noticing the results after the second session of my treatment, everyone asked me what I have done to my face because it had radiance and a glow. Highly recommended!
Tamara Al Samaraie
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
The complete staff was exceptional and I would refer anyone to this clinic in either location. Look forward to visiting again.
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai

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