Ozone Therapy is a natural and effective way to treat diseases and detoxify the body. Ozone, a very active and reactive form of oxygen, increases the amount of oxygen in the body and therefore activates cell regeneration.

This is achieved through a 20-minute process in which 100ml of blood is drawn from a patient and exposed to ozone in a closed system and re-injected intravenously (directly into the vein). The effects are shown to be both healing and detoxifying with its main purpose of suppressing infection and boosting the immune system.

A minimum of six sessions is recommended for detoxifying results.


Oxygenation of cells
Ozone increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the cells by the red blood cells (RBC) as it becomes more flexible.
Oxygen is used to create energy in your cells and ozone therapy helps to revitalize this process in order for our bodies to make more energy from the oxygen we are breathing.
Acidity Reduction
Ozone therapy breaks down the level of uric acid in the body, which is a main cause for gout and damages blood vessels.
Altering immune function by causing a controlled oxidative effect, mobilizing the body’s antioxidant defenses and resolving inflammation.
It is critical to raise the amount of oxygen in your blood and cells; ozone therapy is one of the most powerful methods to achieve this.
Ozone interferes with the metabolism of bacterium-cells. A sufficient amount of ozone breaks through the cell membrane, and this leads to the destruction of the bacteria.


IV Ozone Therapy

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