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The Elixir Clinic is an international wellness clinic recognised as market leaders in intravenous therapy with clinics in Europe and the Middle East. Renowned for its IV Nutrient Therapy, The Elixir Clinic’s bespoke infusions, branded as a VitaDrip®, are aimed at rejuvenation and sustaining long-term wellbeing.

VitaDrip® infusions are a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids; all classified as ‘essential nutrients’ vital for the body. Brilliantly formulated to support with hydration, detox, enhancing energy levels, strengthening the immune system, while promoting anti-aging.

At The Elixir Clinic, we use high-quality ingredients sourced from Europe and all our protocols are registered and approved by the local health authorities of the countries that we operate in. The Elixir Clinic is registered with England’s Care Quality Commission (CQC) and in the UAE, our facilities and treatments are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health, Abu Dhabi Health Authority, and Dubai Health Authority.

The human body absorbs less than 10% of vitamins contained in pills. With IV infusions, absorption is 100%
Booster shots take just seconds, while a VitaDrip® take about 45 mins. Many patients begin to feel the effects immediately.
VitaDrip® infusions contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which are classified as ‘essential nutrients’ that are vital for the human body.
Administered under authorisation of a prescribing physician after a full health assessment. All protocols have been thoroughly researched and developed by leading medical specialists.


* All pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and actual product may vary. Our VitaDrip® infusions
are used for supplementation purposes. Our treatments do not treat or cure or any medical conditions or diseases.

Ultimate Rejuvenation

Oxygen Bar & VitaDrip®

20 minutes of rejuvenation by increasing the levels of oxygen in your body. This is great when combined with a VitaDrip®, Facial, or even on its own. The oxygen mask experience can last between 10-20 minutes depending on your preference with various aromas to choose from such as Lavendar, Mint, Oud, and many more.

Benefits: Relaxes the body, increases energy, increases the level of oxygen in the body, helps reduce stress and headaches or migraines. It is great when you are feeling congested from a cold or sinus problems.




VitaDrip® couple
VitaDrip® couple
Elixir Vitadrip®
Harrods Wellness Clinic
Oxygen Bar
Treatment Lounge
Elixir VitaDrip®
Harrods Wellness Clinic
VitaDrip® at The Ned

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I suffer from low blood pressure so during my first visit my blood pressure dropped very low and I momentarily blacked out. The team was extremely quick to respond to the minor emergency and took exceptional care of me. I especially appreciated the post visit phone call ensuring I had reached home safe and my overall well-being.
Bahareh Salmani
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
I have just had a COMCIT facial, my first ever at The Elixir Clinic and I loved it. Strangely relaxing as well and afterwards my skin felt really soft and tingly and rejuvenated. I fear they might be addictive!
Belinda Darwall Smith
The Elixir Clinic - London
I see a lot of results in my program. Everything is excellent
Said sultan Salem al falahy
The Elixir Clinic - Abu Dhabi
I have been a client of Elixir in Dubai for couple of years now and have been visiting the clinic for treatments more regularly since they opened their branch in Jumeirah since close to my home. I like their nurses because I feel comfortable. The customer service in this clinic is different than any other clinic I go to.
Tahereh Djeddy
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
I loved The Elixir Clinic, the staff are very helpful and friendly, the clinic is very clean, and my treatment plan went very smooth. I started noticing the results after the second session of my treatment, everyone asked me what I have done to my face because it had radiance and a glow. Highly recommended!
Tamara Al Samaraie
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai
The complete staff was exceptional and I would refer anyone to this clinic in either location. Look forward to visiting again.
The Elixir Clinic - Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vitamin infusions safe?
VitaDrip® infusions consist of essential nutrients that are natural. Our formulas have been developed by qualified medical doctors. All infusions have been carefully calculated using medical dosages that are approved by the local authorities (DHA, HAAD, and England's CQC).
Does it really work?
When our bodies suffer from vitamin deficiencies, we often resort to supplementation to compensate. The human body absorbs 10 - 30% of the vitamins contained in oral pills, hence making IV vitamin therapy more effective as it goes directly into the bloodstream with 100% absorption rates compared to supplements or directly from food sources.
How long does it take to feel a difference?
Results vary with each patient but most tend to feel effects during the infusion while others feel various effects directly after or the following day. Most common feedback we receive from our clients: energetic, better performance in the gym, relaxed, undisturbed deep sleep, refreshed and hydrated skin, better mood.
The Elixir Clinic
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Raya Walker
Raya Walker
21:16 28 Aug 20
Thanks for the services today. Staff were very nice and professional. Gave me a lot of information and advice. Can't... wait to go back again.read more
marie dace
marie dace
13:44 27 Aug 20
Really enjoy the environment. Very high standards and very caring staff especially Farida
Benali Malika
Benali Malika
10:54 27 Aug 20
Thank you Farida for your professionalism and kindness. Best nurse in town, well recommended!
01:26 28 Apr 20
Such an amazing team and service, highly recommend The Elixir Clinic! 🔥 Very clean place and organised staff.
Upneet Ashish
Upneet Ashish
18:13 15 Dec 19
Farida, Melissa, and Simone have made our whole experience truly comfortable at the Elixir Clinic. They’re very... helpful and kind.read more
Ashley Soudah
Ashley Soudah
12:11 02 Dec 19
Very friendly staff. Nice and comfortable environment. Couldn't have provided a better service. Highly recommended.
Max Melia
Max Melia
10:28 18 Dec 18
A welcoming experience that was ideal for helping to solve my jet lag after a work trip the the states. I had a... "VitaDrip" infusion that lasted around 45 minutes and to be honest, I was already feeling improvements such as increased energy levels and less muscular fatigue. This will now be a monthly visit!read more
Shahinaz Mustafa
Shahinaz Mustafa
07:38 21 May 18
Thank you so much for a lovely nutrition talk with Sana Khan! This was so informative. I thoroughly enjoyed it and... found it so useful, please let me know when you do one like that again. I loved how you tailored your advise to us and asked us what we wanted to talk about. I really appreciate your useful tips and lovely juices in time for the summer. Thank you so much again for everything and the goody bags are AMAZING!!read more
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