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New Vitadrip® Infusions at Elixir


IV vitamin therapy (also known as: vitamin drip or vitamin infusion) has been trending worldwide for many years now due to its 100% absorption rates of the essential nutrients in comparison to 10-30% from oral supplements. At The Elixir Clinic, research and development is vital in order for us to continue helping our clients achieve their wellness goals; in addition to continuously offering new and improved treatments.

We are proud to announce three new VitaDrip® infusions that have been added to our wellness menu. In addition, we have revised the formulas for our existing infusions to ensure maximum wellness benefits. The below infusions are now available in The Elixir Clinic – London (located in Marylebone on Wimpole Street) and in Harrods at The Wellness Clinic (located on the fourth floor).

Curcumin Vitadrip®

Curcumin is a natural occurring chemical with a bright yellow color produced by certain plants and is primarily found in Turmeric; it is responsible for Turmeric’s yellow color. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant, hence the latest craze with food & beverage offerings such as: Golden Latte (also known as Turmeric Milk) or Turmeric shots; little did we know about the secret benefits of this amazing ingredient.


  • Anti-inflammatory – it is known to help inflammation in the body and relieve joint pain.
  • May improve mental health
  • Balances Cholesterol
  • Promotes improved skin health

Liver Detox Vitadrip®

One common mistake many fall into is linking the process of detox to losing weight. Detoxification is the process of removing toxins, trace elements, heavy metals and residues in the body. The liver plays a vital role in the detoxification process as it helps cleanse the blood.

If the liver’s function was not at its best, the body could easily fail to digest food (fats in particular) properly and this in many times can result to obesity, less blood circulation, and low immunity. This is why we believe that having a healthy liver is one of the main aspects of your wellness journey.

The Elixir Clinic understands the importance of liver detox and in result have created a VitaDrip that contains essential nutrients and minerals required to provide you a deep liver cleanse such as: SORBITOL, ORNITHINE, CHOLINE, and more.

Libido Enhancer Vitadrip®

Low libido is an issue many men deal with. This is usually caused by many factors such as: stress, poor nutritional diet, smoking, alcoholism or unhealthy lifestyle habits. A healthy lifestyle is usually the best solution to enhancing your overall wellbeing and the answer to common symptoms but not always the only solution.

Finding out the root of the problem that is causing low libido levels is important in determining the best solution for you. Many of our clients have consulted with us regarding this issue and we knew creating an infusion targeted at improving libido levels for men would be ideal. Voila, introducing Elixir’s Libido Enhancer VitaDrip®

This vitamin infusion consists of essential nutrients such as amino acids that assist with increasing libido levels. It is recommended along with lifestyle changes in order to help you reach your health goals.

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