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Vitamin Booster Injections

Vitamin booster injections, also referred to as intramuscular shots, are administered into larger muscles in the body, most commonly in the bottom or the arm, to deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream for higher absorption.
Vitamin booster shots deliver vital nutrients to the body through an intramuscular injection. Just like vitamin drips, vitamin booster shots are a very effective way to give the body essential nutrients very quickly. A time efficient option to boost your essential vitamin vitals.

Need a wellness boost?

Vitamin Booster Injections offer an instant boost to your body’s vitamin and nutrient levels. Depending on your goals, you can choose a Vitamin Booster Injection that suits you - our B12 injection is often used for those suffering with low energy levels while Vitamin D is for those looking to boost their immunity and hair health.

What are the most popular vitamin booster injections?

Universally, B12 is the most popular vitamin booster injection due to its wide variety of benefits, including energy enhancement, brain function and more. However, at The Elixir Clinic, clients often choose a number of different Vitamin shots, including Vitamin C injections and Vitamin D injections.

Browse our Vitamin Booster Injections

Antioxidant IM

A booster shot packed with antioxidants, Glutathione and Coenzyme Q10, to promote detox and boost immune health.

Beauty Inside Out

Wellbeing starts from within and reflects on the outside. A booster shot using key ingredients to target anti-aging. Includes Vitamin B5, Biotin, Glutathione and Coenzyme Q10.

B12 Booster

Vitamin B12 plays a role in energy production in the body by transforming the food we consume into energy that your cells use

Elixir Glow IM

Consists of super antioxidants, Glutathione and Coenzyme Q10, to help reduce oxidative damage, while promoting anti-aging and good skin health.

Hair, Skin & Nails

The ladies' favorite booster shot created to support optimal hair, skin, and nail health. Contains Biotin, vitamin B5, and Folic Acid.

Superboost IM

Our "2-in-1" injection formulated to boost energy while promoting healthy hair, nails & skin.

The Pick-Me-Up!

Formulated to boost mood and energy with some of our favorite ingredients vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

Vitamin Sunshine

Our Vitamin D booster shot to target Vitamin D deficiency or low levels of Vitamin D. A blood test is necessary to determine levels in the body prior to taking the booster shot.

What can Vitamin Boosters help with?



Vitamins are essential nutrients for the health of the body and the optimal performance of the brain. Contrary to what most people believe, it’s very difficult to get adequate vitamin intake from diet alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions to make you feel comfortable.

Yes. Our IV Therapies and Booster Shots were developed by board certified emergency physicians and pharmacists utilising knowledge based on decades of clinical experience. We have an excellent safety profile. It should be noted that all medical therapies carry a risk, therefore it is important for the patient to understand the risks, benefits and alternatives and to receive therapies only from certified medical personnel.

IV nutrient drips often take around 30-60 minutes on average to administer. This follows a short 15 minute consultation ahead of your treatment to go through your medical history.

IV Nutrient Therapy directly introduces 100% of the vitamins and nutrients into your system. Ingested vitamins and nutrients are subject to the absorption barrier in the gastrointestinal tract. You need to ingest vitamins and nutrients in larger amounts and more frequently in order to achieve similar concentration as you would via intravenous or intramuscular supplementation. Ingestion of large amounts of vitamins can result in upset stomach, and in certain circumstances and conditions, this absorption can be severely limited resulting in deficiencies that can upset the delicate balance of the body. If you find it difficult to maintain oral supplementation or struggle to feel the effects due to the reduced absorption orally, IV Nutrient Therapy is right for you.

Following your consultation with our medical professional, we will advise on the best wellness programme for you, including frequency of treatments and the ingredient levels.

One of the main benefits of IV Therapy is fast, more effective results without gastrointestinal side effects, absorption issues or loss of potency.
The process allows the nutrients to go right into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system allowing you to have more energy, think more clearly, and enjoy a better mood.
The benefits will differ depending on the condition treated, the protocol used, the overall health of the client, and how many treatments are done. Some reported benefits include:

  • Stronger immunity (warding off a cold or flu)
  • Enhanced mood
  • Increased sports recovery time
  • More energy
  • Improved concentration and mental focus
  • Increased calmness and relaxation
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Improved jetlag
  • Improved hangover
  • Boosted fertility and hormonal imbalance
  • Improved complexion
  • Reduced signs of ageing

Our eligibility criteria are based on the same decision making algorithms utilised in hospitals. We do not make any medical diagnoses and our therapies are not intended to treat any medical condition. Our therapies are designed to restore balance to your body and help you maintain wellness.

You will be met at one of our clinics by our friendly healthcare team who will offer you a drink and a comfortable area to relax in while your IV Drip is administered. A healthcare professional will be present throughout your treatment, who will be able to answer questions you may have while the therapy is ongoing and upon its completion.

Are you lacking energy and noticing signs of ageing?

Nearly 50% of people worldwide suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Get a complimentary full wellness assessment and improve your health in 2024.

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