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Intravenous Ozone Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Ozone Therapy is a natural and effective way to treat diseases and detoxify the body through the introduction of ozone in the body. Medically, ozone therapy has been used to disinfect and treat diseases by inactivation of bacteria, fungi, and yeast; stimulation of oxygen metabolism and activation of the immune system completes the process.

Watch Mahi Aramideh, co-founder and director of The Elixir Clinic, having her monthly IV ozone therapy treatment.

What is Ozone?

The form of oxygen most of us know about is the kind in the air we breathe. It is the single most important nutrient for the health and wellness of our body. Ozone is a form of oxygen that is composed of three oxygen atoms; it is the addition of the third oxygen atom that gives ozone its remarkable medical properties by making it a “supercharged” oxygen atom.

The Process – Autohemotherapy

  • 100 ml of blood is drawn from the client via a sterilized closed system with no human interference.
  • Once blood is collected into a closed chamber, ozone is then inserted into the container through a plastic tube and is mixed gently together.
  • During this process, red and white blood cells absorb the ozone.
  • The lack of human interference during the treatment process helps avoid the risk of contamination.
  • The blood is then re-injected intravenously (directly into the vein) into the body via the sterilized delivery system.
  • The total process takes about 30 minutes.
  • A minimum of six (6) sessions is recommended to achieve maximum benefits. IV ozone therapy is available in The Elixir Clinic – London, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Request a booking or consultation today

The Benefits:

  • Suppresses infections by killing viruses, bacteria and yeast, especially chronic conditions.
  • Oxygenation of cells: ozone increases the amount of oxygen in the body which helps with cell regeneration.
  • Strengthens immune system and improves blood circulation.
  • Enhances the body’s ability to increase its antioxidant capabilities and protection.
  • Acidity reduction: ozone breaks down the level of uric acid in the body, which is the main cause for gout and damaged blood vessels.
  • Anti-inflammation: altering the immune function by causing a controlled oxidative effect, mobilizing the body’s antioxidant defenses and resolving inflammation
  • Anti-aging: It is critical to raising the amount of oxygen in your blood and cells; ozone therapy is one of the most powerful methods to achieve this.
  • Detoxification: ozone cleanses the body by oxidizing toxins and facilitating the detoxification process in the liver and kidneys.
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