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IV Nutrient Therapy 101 – The Basics

Some have heard about it, seen it on social media, know someone who does it, while others have absolutely no idea. We have dedicated this blog article to share with you the basics of what IV nutrient therapy really is.

Dr. John Myers, a physician in Baltimore, pioneered the use of vitamins and minerals intravenously in 1954 as an overall treatment for a variety of medical issues. Many of his patients received his now renowned “Myers’ Cocktail” quite regularly as they saw positive benefits for a wide range of conditions such as migraines, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, joint pain, and more. The “Myers’ Cocktail” contained magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and B-vitamins; all essential nutrients that are important for the immune system, energy production, muscle recovery, body functions, acting as antioxidants, and more.

What Is Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy?

Most people have received an IV at some point in their life while receiving care in a hospital or emergency room to help fluids and medication flow into the vein in your arm or hand. This method is a quick solution provided in hospitals to help relieve pain, nausea or rehydrate the patient due to loss of fluid in the body.Intravenous simply means administering into the veins and intravenous nutrient therapy refers to the delivery of nutrients directly into the bloodstream via the vein. When compared to oral supplements, this method of treatment allows 100% absorption of nutrients and higher levels in your bloodstream can lead to greater uptake into cells. Oral supplements get broken down in the stomach and digestive tract, which drastically lowers the absorption rates and several factors can affect our body’s ability to actually absorb the nutrients in the stomach such age, metabolism, health status, or lifestyle habits.

The Elixir Clinic Process

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is a Vitadrip® & What Is the Process?

The Elixir Clinic’s IV infusions are unique formulas branded as VitaDrip®VitaDrip® infusions are a unique blend of essential nutrients brilliantly formulated to boost energy, strengthen immunity, support hydration, while promoting anti-aging and detox.

After a consultation takes place, a registered nurse will administer the prescribed tailored IV infusion under supervision of a qualified practitioner. The IV infusion will consist of a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids delivered directly into the bloodstream which allows for a higher level of absorption than through the digestive system.

Is a Consultation Necessary?

At The Elixir Clinic, a consultation with our registered practitioners is mandatory, even if the client has previously had an IV infusion. This is to ensure we are up to date with your medical history, any recent lifestyle changes, and understanding concerns that you may have.

How Long Does a Treatment Take?

A VitaDrip® infusion takes an average of 45 minutes but for new clients, we advise 1 hour 15 minutes as a consultation must take place and the “drip” is administered at a slower rate to ensure safety and comfort for the client.

What Are the Benefits?

Does It Really Work?

IV nutrient therapy has gained popularity as an alternative method for supplementation due to having higher absorption rates compared to oral pills. The effectiveness of oral supplementation is very dependent on the clients’ gut health.

Many of our clients have busy schedules so maintaining nutrient levels in their body becomes easier via IV than having multiple bottles of supplements. In addition, clients who suffer from health conditions are advised to use IV therapy to allow for nutrient absorption.

Another way to introduce nutrients into the system is through intramuscular injections, this allows for fast and effective administration of nutrients such as Vitamin B12 taking only a few minutes

What Is the Difference Between a Vitadrip® and an Intramuscular Injection?

VitaDrip® is administered directly through the vein while intramuscular injections are administered into larger muscles in the body – most commonly in the bottom or the arm. We recommend the bottom as it’s more tolerable than the arm. Intramuscular injections only deliver a small dose with fewer nutrients compared to an IV infusion

How Quickly Would I Feel Results of an IV Infusion?

Results will vary for each client as our bodies are different from one another; generally clients notice symptoms immediately or up to 48 hours later. Some may not feel any noticeable difference, but this doesn’t mean that the treatment was not effective. IV nutrient therapy is sometimes used to maintain wellbeing similar to when people take oral supplements to maintain nutrient levels in the body and “knowing” that it’s good for you to do so. We promote IV nutrient therapy as supplementation, prevention, and helping sustain long-term wellbeing.

What Would I Feel or Notice?

Common symptoms that are noticed while the treatment is taking place or after the treatment:

  • A cold sensation in the arm as the nutrient enters the bloodstream and this is rarely found to be intolerable.
  • Some nutrients may cause a feeling of tightness in the face or head which is normal. In the case this is noticed, the nurse is advised and we would slow down the drip.
  • An odd taste in the back of the mouth can occur which is the result of b-vitamins.
  • Feeling “sleepy” during the treatment which is a result of magnesium that acts as a muscle relaxer in the body.
  • Skin feels or looks more hydrated skin
  • A great night of sleep is quite common feedback we are told by our clients.
  • Improved hair and nail quality – some women tell us they notice less hair fall, strong nails, their hair has a natural shine.

Is It Natural and Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, our ingredients are natural as the nutrients are derived from plants

Can I Resume Normal Activities After an Infusion?

Yes, this is a rejuvenating treatment and normal daily activities can be resumed. Many clients will have a treatment before catching a flight or a workout.

Is It Suitable for Women Pregnant or Lactating?

At The Elixir Clinic, we do not administer treatments for women who are pregnant or lactating.

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