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Hear from the Elixir community about how our treatments helped them feel their best...
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How The Elixir Clinic helped me overcome the flu!
I absolutely loved my facial at The Elixir Clinic!
Had a wonderful experience at the Elixir Clinic!

It was my first time doing a colon cleanse and all of the staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. The clinic was really nice and loved the attention to detail. I already felt better and lighter after the first session so I got a package. Can’t wait for my next session!

Jennifer, UAE

The Best IV for us!

We had a great experience at the Elixir. We know one of the best ways to stay healthy is having IV Therapy. The key is do the correct therapy's for your body. It all started with our consultation with Dr Sarah. She spent the time to get to know you and your body.

They offered state of the art testing equipment to help with determining the best IV for my wife and myself. It also gave us a insight on things we need to address in our daily life to be healthier. Great place for a seasoned IV person or someone who has never treated there body for long term health ideas.

Bob & Sharon, UAE

Incredible service and a lovely team!

Incredible service! The team is lovely from the second you call to take an appointment all the way to the follow up after your appointment. I’ve been going for a few months and love their facials! Their management team is also extre

Carine, UAE

Service is amazing and the place is really nice!

Service is amazing, the place is really nice and all their machines look very new. Everything is explained by a professional thoroughly. The facial I got was very relaxing as she applied everything with a nice massage and was not painful at all, she was very gentle and she left no marks. I left with my skin glowing and feeling well hydrated.

Martha, UAE

I had a great experience at The Elixir Clinic.

I had a great experience at Elixir. I did the mineral tissue test followed with my first drip. The following week I was surprised to feel a difference in my overall energy, something that I’ve been needing for sometime! The staff accommodated my schedule and was very informative, something I really look for when it comes to healthcare clinics but often hard to find!

Mimi, UAE

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended! IV treatment has been a constant routine to boost and support my recovery from training specially under daily work stress.The team is extremely responsive and helpful!

Ahmed, UAE

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