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Vitadrip®: Is It Vegan-Friendly?

One popular question we get asked at The Elixir Clinic and across our social media channels is: “Are your VitaDrip® infusions vegan-friendly?”.

With a worldwide increase in the number of people turning to a plant-based diet, along with an overall growing desire for more transparency regarding nutritional information across everything we consume, this is a very good question.

The answer is YES! Our intravenous vitamin infusions are all vegan-friendly, produced using natural methods and non-synthetic ingredients. Everything that goes into creating our bespoke VitaDrip® infusions is derived from plants, meaning vitamin infusions could be a vegans’ secret weapon to achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle.

According to the latest research by The Vegan Society, there are estimated to be around 540k vegans in Great Britain, compared to 150k in 2006.’ Survey carried out by The Vegan Society and quoted in an article by (18 June 2018).

With an increasing number of people turning to veganism, there is understandably an increase in demand for vegan-friendly, nutrient-rich options across the board. Maintaining the appropriate levels of essential nutrients in order to live a healthy lifestyle without suffering from any nutritional deficiencies can be difficult for most, let alone for those following a vegan or mainly plant-based diet.

A lot of our clients that follow vegan or vegetarian diets suffer from common deficiencies such as:

  • B12 deficiency: Symptoms include fatigue, poor memory, lack of concentration and even depression.
  • Low Zinc levels: A key mineral found primarily in red meat and poultry, low levels of zinc can cause hair loss, a weak immune system and dry skin.

Due to the removal of certain foods (commonly meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products) paired with the lack of understanding or visibility of the nutritional content within the food we buy, those following a vegan lifestyle can find themselves living a relatively restrictive diet and missing out on vital nutrients that help our bodies to function effectively.

Therefore, many resort to oral supplementation, but unknowingly fail to absorb the required nutrients due to low absorption levels (only absorbing between 10 – 30%). Fortunately, wellness treatments such as intravenous nutritional therapy, also known as IV vitamin therapy, can be the ideal solution for vegans or vegetarians to ensure the body receives and absorbs all essential nutrients required to prevent deficiencies that can lead to other medical concerns.

However, unlike oral supplementation, our VitaDrip® infusions allow for 100% absorption of the essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Our clients report immediate effects that can last for several days as well a noticeable improvement in energy levels, appearance, complexion, amongst others.

After a consultation and medical review, our clients are recommended bespoke treatment programs that allow them to boost the levels of those nutrients they are deficient in, in order to achieve their wellness goals. Monthly maintenance infusions are recommended to ensure a well balance of nutrients in the body.

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